Six Guilds
A Crest for Each Guild
Six Types
Which Guild(s) Are You?


Makers love to craft physical objects, building things with their hands.

DIY-ers who create by soldering, sawing, welding, laser-cutting, 3d printing, or even programming arduinos and robotics. Makers are garage inventors, tinkerers, craftsmen, or artisans.

The Makers Guild at the Guild Hall is for anyone interested in maker culture and building things. Anyone who wants to know how stuff works. Anyone who enjoys taking stuff apart and putting it back together again.


Designers create forms, structures, and patterns.

It might be artistic photography or computer-aided graphic design, abtsract painting or an interior design layout. No matter the medium, designers are people who envision a way to combine different elements into a transcendent composition, something greater than the sum of its parts.

The Designers Guild at the Guild Hall is for the artists, photographers, scribblers and creatives.


Coders write the instructions that mankind uses to bend machines to our will.

Whether using complex programming languages or simple mark-up, coders write the software that runs the digital world. They write the html, css, php, and javascript that comprise the Internet. They rewrite instructions so old machines can perform new functions.

The Coders Guild at the Guild Hall is for the hackers, programmers and software architects.


Gamers play games. Video games, board games, card games, table-top RPGs, party games...games of all kinds.

They enjoy solving problems, especially in a competitive or collaborative context of social interaction with other gamers. Gamers like a challenge. They seek answers to difficult questions. They fight hard to succeed against long odds.

The Gamers Guild at the Guild Hall is for people who love to play games.


Performers love to put on a show.

Singing, dancing, comedy and drama are just some of the methods used by performers to delight and amaze. Performers live to translate composition into action, to fill the theater with new sights and sounds.

The Performers Guild at the Guild Hall is for the actors and comedians, the musicians and puppeteers...really, anyone who likes to play make-believe.


Storytellers craft narratives to be enjoyed by others.

The dream up the characfters we love to hate, the tunes we can't stop humming and they often teach us about ourselves or our universe.

The Storytellers Guild at the Guild Hall is for anyone who wants to spin a yarn, draft a script, write an epic, or compose a song.
Finally, a Place Where
Creative People Can Collaborate, Play, or Just Hang Out
What Facilities Do You Have?
The Guild Hall is more than just a single shop. It's an entire creative campus for gamers, maker, designers and more! We have several buildings, as well as outdoor spaces where members and guests get together to work, play, or just hang out.

The Arena is for gaming, with a game store, a board game library where members can check out games for free, a dozen big screen tvs and all kinds of console and PC gaming opportunities.

The Forge contains our makerspace, where folks can use the 3D printer, router, drills, saws, lathe, and other workshop equipment as well as sewing machines, surgers and a variety of costuming tools! The Forge also contains our black box theater, where we host shows featuring live music, comedy, burlesque, and all sort of other entertainment.

The Atrium is filled with well-lit, high-ceilinged rooms of various sizes perfect for all manner of gatherings, from table-top RPG sessions to large Magic the Gathering tournaments.

Check out the map below, and/or read our FAQ page, where we have lots more info on the various facilities at The Guild Hall.

One Membership
So Many Possibilities
How Do I Join?
Membership levels at The Guild Hall range from hyper-economical to downright philanthropic. Why become a member? Well, there is the overwhelming sense of satisfaction (not ot mention the fame and glory) that come from being an incredible human being. But there are other benefits.

Check out the informationally dense graphic below, and/or read our FAQ page.
A New Kind of Community
Unlike Anything in Savannah ... Or Anywhere Else
Who Made This?
The Guild Hall started with two guys who thought there should be a place where "our kinda people" get together to hang out, play games, be productive or whatever.

Now we have a fully-stocked party of NPCs to help run the place. Also, we have a dragon and a house sorceress. Long story.
Keira Wiston
In-House Sorceress
Clegg Ivey
Co-Founder & CEO
Jacob Heider
Co-Founder & CTO
House Dragon
Meet The Rest of the Team
Fun With Facts
As Of September 20th, 2014
Members Joined
Classes Taken
Games Played
Caffeine Quaffed (oz)
Together, Let's
Make It, Design It, Code It, Game It
If You Insist on Spending Money
We do offer goods and services for sale to the public. Members get awesome discounts and, of course, XP with each purchase.
Food & Drink
  • Coffee, Soda & Energy Drinks
  • Candy, Chips, & Cookies
  • Order Delivery for Dinner
Game Store
  • Boardgames Galore!
  • Tabletop Minis & RPGs
  • Magic, MLP, Pokemon & More!
  • Starting at $9.99 / month
  • Five Levels Available
  • Membership Has Its Privileges
  • Comedy & Music
  • Making & Crafting
  • Tournaments & Playthroughs
  • Seminars & Panels
  • DIY & Hands-On Classes
  • How-To: From Beginner to Expert
Rental Apartments
  • Have a Playcation!
  • 2 Apartments Above the Atrium - Sleeps ~20
  • Complimentary Play Passes
Equipment Rental
  • Software
  • Fabrication Equipment
  • Gaming Devices
Concierge Services
  • Dinner Delivery
  • Time Push (Make Us Stay Open Later!)
  • 3D Printing, Personal Storage & More
Game Rental
  • Boardgames
  • PC Games
  • Console Games
Venue Rental
  • Great for Parties
  • Nerd Weddings
  • Concerts & Special Events
Show img Reel
What's Happening at The Guild Hall?
The Guild Hall is currently OPEN. There is always something to do at the Guild Hall, even if that something is nothing. Check out The Guild Hall YouTube Channel to see the latest edition of The Guild Report to find out what's going on this week!
Right Now at The Guild Hall Spy Mode: Enabled!
Right Now at The Guild HallIt's on, like Donkey Kong!
Game Store: Under Construction.Games! Games! Games!
Computer Lab: In the works
Our ClassroomReady for anything!
Earlier Today!Time travel is fun!
Earlier Today!Gonna go *back* in time!
Earlier TodaySoon. Soon.
Earlier TodayTables were here. And computers.
Earlier TodayGrand happenings, as you see.
Play Table-Top RPGs like Pathfinder, D&D, or White Wolf Critical Hit!
Rent a Computer Workstation and Get Some Work DoneMore Fun than FedEx Office!
Build a Freakin' Robot!We'll supply the class and the parts!
Enjoy Console and PC GamingXboxOne, PS4, Steam, and More!
Take a class on improv comedy or dramatic acting!Acting! Thank you!
Software RentalDon't Buy That Expensive Rendering Package!
Fabrication and 3d Printing ServicesDIY or Let Us Help You!
Learn How to Code (Write Software)Dude, We Can Teach You!
Come Play Boardgames, Y'all!Eurosnoot, Ameritrash, Card Games, and More!
Come See Concerts, Celebrity Speakers and Other EventsMonte Cook will be here in August!
Attend Write ClubShare your writing. Discuss. Collaborate.
Build a Freakin' Drone!Death From Above? Yeah, We Can Help You Make That!
Sign Up to Work On An Open ProjectHelp a Fellow Guildmate Build/Film/Make/Write/Create Something Cool!
Make a flippin' movie!We are building our own studio. DIY style!
Reserve a Locker, Couch or Gaming Minion!If It Can Make Your Life Easier/Better, We Will Probably Offer It!
Colocate Your Office Here!We Swear Your Office Will Look Just Like This!
Put on a show!We have three stages and plenty of gallery space!
Order Delicious Food Delivered to the Guild Hall!Dozens of Local Restaurants!
Watch Stuff on the Big Screen!Features, TV, Animation, Gaming, Sports, and God Knows What Else!
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